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Frequently asked questions already answered for you
Festival Information

All festival activities except the Afterparty will be inside the Burg Frankenberg (https://burgfrankenberg.de/).

The address is:
Goffartstr 45
52066 Aachen

No festival activity will be held in the Park surrounding the Burg. Visitors can spend time in the park since it is open to the general public.

The Afterparty will be in kaixers (https://kaixers.com/).

The address is:
Gasborn 5-7
52062 Aachen

No fee is required to visit the exhibitors, but preregistration is recommended. Payments are required to access and participate in other activities of the festival such as the lectures, Masterclass, concerts, and Afterparty. Register/Buy Ticket at: https://ticketprime.io/e/afrowise-festival-2023

On Saturday 08th July 2023 the festival opens at 11:30 H CET and closes at 22:15 H CET. On Sunday
09th July 2023 it opens at 11:00 H CET and closes at 17:00 H CET.

Travel and Accomodation

Aachen does not have an Airport, but has an International ICE train station. This means one can fly into Germany and other neighbouring countries (Belgium, France, Netherland/Holland) and quickly get to Aachen by train.

There are many hotels and accommodation facilities in and around Aachen. Because Aachen and it’s environ is a holiday destination with it’s flagship “World Equestrian Festival CHIO”, we recommend
early bookings for hotels and accommodations.

Local info

While the average maximum local temperature in Aachen in July is 23°C, the average minimum local
temperature is 14°C. On average it rains ten day in July in Aachen.

There is a good network of public transportation in Aachen and into bordering countries (Belgium, Netherland/Holland).

There are not so many carparking spaces around the festival location (Burg Frankenberg).

Festival rules

Safety/Security and access will be controlled.

Visitors should not bring food and drinks into the festival.

Keep the environment clean. Litter should be dropped into the provided “Litterbag”


The main emergency numbers in Aachen (and generally in Germany) are:

  • 112 (to call the fire brigade and ambulance services)
  • 110 (to call the police)
Contact us

Tel.: +49 1521 7210 747
Email: info@afrowise-festival.org